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Our physician contract lawyer will review your contract and identify the areas that need improvement, assisting you to negotiate the best contract possible

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Review of your proposed employment agreement by a knowledgeable attorney.

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Phone consultation with the attorney to review the contract term by term.

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Follow up with a review of the needed clarifications.

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Review the Specific Professional Implications.


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Robert Chelle Attorney


Robert Chelle has reviewed or negotiated over 2000 employment agreements for health care providers over the last two decades.

As the founder of Chelle Law, Rob strives continuously to provide the best service and experience for his clients.

Client Testimonials

Rob Chelle and his staff responded quickly and within a week, I had my contract reviewed and a personal phone call with Rob. He was very accommodating and addressed all my questions/concerns. He even took the time to explain some of the specific legal verbiage.
Sean M.
Mr. Chelle was very personable, but also very knowledgeable about health professional contracts, and he helped me understand portions of the contact that needed explaining, and identify language that I should not agree to. I am 100% satisfied with the advice and service I received.
Daniel C.
Had a very thorough review of a contract with excellent advice and follow-up after revisions. The process was very simple, very efficient, and very professional. Excellent communication and everyone was very kind as well.
Justin G.